Off-Syllabus Links: Week of September 27, 2015

Here are my bookish links for this week:

In my continuing post-graduate Genre Renaissance, I’ve really been enjoying delving back into the world of Young Adult fiction (I say “back” because, of course, this was my first genre, the one that made me love literature). This list on Buzzfeed books certainly added a few to my to-read pile.

I’ve adored professional traveler Samantha Brown ever since I was a wanderlust-stricken middle-school-er watching her program “Passport to Latin America” after school. Turns out she’s been to some pretty amazing bookstores in her day.

The Atlantic recently gave some serious and thoughtful treatment to the oft-maligned Hufflepuff house (which, incidentally, might be my house based on some conflicting personality quiz results…I’m waiting for the definitive answer from the new Pottermore site).

And finally, because October has begun and I just can’t help myself, I’ll be giving you at least one spooky link for every entry this month. Here are some tips from horror writers about how to scare your readers.


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