Hello! My name is Haley, and I’m a recently (and reluctantly) graduated English major. For the last four years, most of what I’ve read has been for school (waaaahhh I miss it so much), so it’s been a bit strange and lovely just choosing the books I want to read. It’s made me remember the kinds of books that first got me to love reading, and it’s also let me explore some new genres a bit more.

I’ve been pretty restless since graduating, so I wanted to use this blog to keep track of and share my reading. Specifically, I’ll be blogging about the sort of books that I didn’t get to read a lot while I was in school (I’ll still be reading plenty of classics and literary fiction I’m sure, but maybe I’ll take a break from writing analytical essays about them for a little while haha). I’ll be re-visiting some childhood favorites, getting back into genres I used to love, and exploring the wide range of what the book world has to offer. I’ll also occasionally blog about any bookish travels I embark on. I hope this will be helpful in your own reading life, or entertaining at least. 🙂 Introduction posts are hard.


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